Friday, December 21, 2018

Human Connections Matter: Joe Beckman Follow

Human Connections Matter: Joe Beckman Follow Up
Nathan Marting
The holiday season is a time for joy and happiness. The start of the new year brings an opportunity for resolutions and a fresh start. As we enter the winter break, meeting with friends and family as well as just getting some opportunity for some rest and relaxation, I would like to take the opportunity to share some key points that were recently shared with our school district from a featured speaker. In collaboration with the Jesup Ministerial Association, we brought motivational speaker Joe Beckman to our school and community. Joe spoke with our middle school students, high school students, as well as hosted a parent/community session that evening. Since Joe’s visit, he has sent various follow up notes, social media post, and video messages to our community. We, along with Joe, hope that his messages not only resonated with all of us that day, but more importantly that we carry those same key points forward in our daily lives. Below are some of the main topics that were shared and I ask that you continue to reflect on how these can take place in your own personal lives.

Be a Difference Maker, not a Difference Faker- Joe spoke with our middle school students and parents about the importance of simply doing just one kind deed for one person each day. This one simple act of kindness can have a ripple effect across many lives. Step up and make a difference with someone else rather than when it may seem easier to just pass it by or look away.

Love You, Push Through, Just Look Up
Love You- Joe shared with our high school students and parents the importance to Love You. Remind yourself that you are enough, every single day. You are perfect in how you were created and have every reason to love yourself for just being you.

Push Through- We all face adversity and challenges in our lives every single day. Take that the attitude of “Now what” instead of “Why me.” We learn from every experience that we encounter whether it is good or bad. We turn those moments into now what by “pushing through”.

Just Look Up- Lastly in his trifecta of inspiration, Joe emphasized the importance of human connections by reminding us to “Just Look Up”. Whether it is your phone, your tv, your computer screen, or anything else that is distracting you from having connections with others, it is important to make it a point to take a break, just look up, and connect with other human beings.

Laughter, Love, and Listening to Your Child. Be Present with Them.- The last key message that Joe shared with the parents and community group that evening was for us to remember the importance of being engaged with our children (sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, students, etc.). Make time and be purposeful in ensuring opportunities to laugh, show love, and listen to our young people. Be Present!

In closing, these are just a few of the many great messages that Joe shared with all of us in his visit. For more information on Joe Beckman or to revisit some of these same key points even further, more information can be found at

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

December Newsletter Article- District Financial Update

District Financial Update
Nathan Marting

Last month I shared an update on our district enrollment highlighting another year of increased enrollment for our school district. School district budgets are built on the number of students enrolled. Over the past ten years that I have served the Jesup Community School District, we have seen very unstable funding levels from our state legislature. Even in a district with increasing enrollment, this requires a school district to closely manage its finances to ensure the continued availability of resources to educate our students.
School districts are unique in a business sense in that we do not operate solely in the world of cash revenue and expenditures, but also under the governance of spending authority. Spending authority is defined as the legal amount that a school district can spend per year. Any unused spending is carried forward as a balance that can be utilized in future years. Any overspending in turn comes from this carryover balance. As we closed our books from fiscal year 2018 this past fall, I am happy to report that our school district continues to maintain a strong financial position. Below is a brief highlight of our district general fund finances:

  • Annual Spending Authority Increased $271,435 (2.9%) to $9,539,824 from $9,268,389
  • Annual Cash Revenues Increased $390,069 (4.0%) to $10,098,507 from $9,708,438
  • Annual Expenditures Increased $49,063 (0.5%) to $9,662,445 from $9,613,382
  • Spending Authority Carryover Decreased $122,621 (-5.3%) to $2,197,621 from $2,320,242
  • Cash Carryover Balance Increased $436,062 (97.8%) to $882,092 from $446,030

With careful planning and attention to detail, we have successfully been able increase our cash balance, bring our spending authority balance to a manageable level, and hold our expenditures to a very limited increase. Moving forward in our current fiscal year, it is our projection that our expenditures will continue to increase at a modest rate (+2.87% over the past 6 years). It is also our expectation that our cash balance will see some continued growth as well as a slight rebound in our spending authority balance. These projections are largely dependent upon the actions of our state legislature and Governor in their allocation of state funding. The Jesup School Board and Administration will continue in their commitment to oversight and attention to detail in ensuring that the district’s financial position continues to promote the highest quality education for all of our J-Hawk learners.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

November School Board Agenda

“High Expectations, High Achievement”
Agenda for Regular Meeting of the Board of Education
November 12, 2018, 7:00 P.M.
PreK-8 Media Center

  1. Call Meeting to Order and Record Members Present and Absent
  2. Consent Items
    1. Minutes of Previous Meeting   (Board Goal 7: Finance)
    2. October Financial Statements (Board Goal 7: Finance)
    3. November Expenditures and Claims (Board Goal 7: Finance)
  3. Reports
    1. Student/Staff Presentation and Recognition
      1. eSports- Barbara Glasener and High School Students
    2. Administrative Reports
    3. Committee Updates
  4. Old Business
  5. New Business
    1. Board Policy Reviews: (Board Goal 8: Board Leadership)    
      1.   507 Student Health and Well-Being
      2. 507.1 Student Health and Immunization Certificates
      3. 507.2 Administration of Medication to Students
      4. 507.2E1 Record of the Administration of Medication
      5. 507.2E2 Parent Authorization and Release Form for the
Administration of Prescription Medication to Students
      1.    507.2E3 Authorization – Asthma or Airway Constricting Medication Self-
Administration Consent Form
      1. 507.3              Communicable Diseases – Students
      2. 507.3E1 Communicable Diseases Chart
      3. 507.3E2 Reportable Infectious Diseases
      4. 507.3E3 Reporting Form
      5. 507.4 Student Illness or Injury at School
      6. 507.5 Safety Drills
      7. 507.6 Student Insurance
      8.     507.7 Custody and Parental Rights
      9. 507.8 Student Special Health Services
      10. 507.8R1 Student Special Health Services Regulation
      11. 507.9 Wellness Policy
      12. 508 Miscellaneous Student-Related Matters
      13. 508.1 Class or Student Group Gifts
      14. 508.2 Open Night
    1. First Reading of Changes to Board Policy 505.7 Commencement
    2. Resignations/Contracts/Appointments/Transfers/Termination
(Board Goal 5: Staffing)

    1. Discussion/Approval of Modified Supplemental Amount for Increasing Enrollment
(Board Goal 7: Finance)
    1. Discussion/Approval of Modified Supplemental Amount for Limited English Proficiency Students
(Board Goal 7: Finance)
    1. Discussion/Approval of Application to School Budget Review Committee for Special Education Administrative Costs (River Hills Consortium Program) (Board Goal 7: Finance)
    2. Public Forum (10 minutes) and Correspondence
  1. Board Learning Opportunities/Discussion Items
  2. Next Regular Board Meeting –7:00 PM Monday, December 10, 2018
  3. Deadline for Board Agenda Items – Monday, December 3, 2018
  4. Deadline to Submit Invoices for Payment- Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  5. Adjournment

Mission Statement
The Jesup Community School District will develop well-rounded, productive, responsible, caring citizens who are lifelong learners.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

2018-19 Student Enrollment Update

2018-19 Student Enrollment

October is that time of year for schools where the hustle and bustle of getting the school year off to a great start begins to slow down. On the administrative side of things this time of year is quickly replaced with numerous required deadlines and reports to the State. One of those very important reports that needs to be completed in October is our certified enrollment. The certified enrollment report is an important process as it determines our budget for the upcoming school year and provides us with important information in our strategic planning process. Jesup traditionally has seen stable to increasing enrollment. For the second year in a row we have seen a larger increase in our enrollment. Below is a summary of our enrollment for this year as compared to the 2017-18 school year.

Certified Enrollment
K-12 Attending Enrollment
Preschool-12th Attending Enrollment
Open Enrollment Out of District
Open Enrollment Into District

Enrollment can be a little tricky to forecast and report. Enrollment in public schools is measured three different ways and there is a fairly significant difference in each as it is reported in our school district.
  1. Certified Enrollment, also known as Budgeted Enrollment, is a count of the number of school age children (age 5 or above by September 15th) that live in our school district, regardless of where they attend school. This year we saw a 14 student increase in our certified enrollment.
  2. K-12 Attending Enrollment is the number of school age children that currently attend our school district, regardless of where they live. With Jesup having a significant number of students open enrolled into our school district from other school districts, this number can have a significant effect on our overall enrollment. With 99 students open enrolled into our school district this year, we saw an increase of 22 students as compared to the 2017-18 school year.
  3. Finally Preschool-12th Grade Attending Enrollment, also known as Fall BEDS enrollment, is a measurement of ALL students that we serve in our school district, including our 3 year old preschool and 4 year old prekindergarten students. When factoring in all these students our enrollment increased by 47 students this year to 1,094 Jesup J-Hawks!

This is all great news for our school district and we are excited that so many families continue to choose to send their children to Jesup. We will continue to work hard to provide the best educational opportunities possible to ensure that families continue to move to our community and select Jesup as their school of choice.